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0RF200 (dust proof) Open type regulate rectifier

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0RF200 (dust proof) Open type regulate rectifier

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The regulate rectifier stabilizes the output electricity of OGA-100/200 and converts to DC voltage. Conventional Shunt regulate rectifier continuously emits surplus electricity converting to heat, which is nothing but waste.  Permanent magnet generators generate electricity in proportion to engine rpm, so Shunt regulate rectifier is concerned to break down during continual high rpm operation.  To overcome the issue, we have developed open type regulate rectifier corresponding to wide range input voltage.  The new regulate rectifier regulates the output electricity according to input voltage and the output voltage coming from the DC converter. (Patent pending)  The generator supplies only the needed electricity constantly over a wide rpm range, so mechanical friction loss is reduced improving fuel mileage with good response.

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ORF-200 Specifications
項目     Item     単位:unit      
重量     Weight     g     395
入力リード線 長さ    Input lead Wire length     mm     170
出力リード線 長さ    Output lead Wire length     mm     110
コネクタ凸    Male connector     mm     3.5
入力相数    Number of phases           3
最大入力電圧    Maximum input voltage     V     100(AC)
定格入力電圧    Rated voltage     V     60(AC)
最大出力電力    Maximum output power     W     200
最大出力電圧    Maximum output voltage     V     28
最大出力電流    Maximum output current     A     16
定格出力電力    Maximum current     W     140
定格出力電圧     Rated output voltage     V     12
定格出力電流     Rated output current     A     12
保護等級     International protection           IP63相当



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