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1/8 MAMBA Monster X ESC

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Variador electronico MAMBA MONSTER X 1/8 Version 2019.


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Putting the X in Extreme!

Mamba Monster X is our latest 1:8 scale and Monster truck controller capable of 2S - 6S LiPo, with an 8 amp peak BEC - and, it’s waterproof*, so you can run your vehicle through morning dew, across soggy snow, or a muddy trail. This is the perfect upgrade for 1:8 scale buggies, truggies and on-road vehicles as well as 1:10 scale monster trucks weighing up to 15 lbs with our Castle 1515 2200kv motor. It also comes standard with a highly efficient, 30mm ESC cooling fan.

Input Voltage range 2S-6S
8A Adjustable BEC (5.25V-8.0V)
Waterproof design.
Removable 30MM cooling fan.
Convenient transmitter programming for six common adjustable settings.
Easily program and update ESC with use of Castle Link USB (coupon included for free USB with purchase) and freely downloadable Castle-Link Windows™ program.
Data Logging capable
Telemetry Ready
Auxiliary Wire Functionality allows for “on-the-fly” adjustments such as Max Power and Max Brake.
Audible Alerts that will notify you of possible issues with calibrations and error conditions.
Designed and manufactured in Olathe, Kansas and is backed by our 1-year warranty.

*Not intended for operation while submerged in liquid. If unit is operated in wet conditions, rinse with fresh water to remove dirt or corrosives, then fully dry unit.

Mamba Monster X ESC Only Purchase Includes:

Mamba Monster X ESC
Motor wire packet for motor connection (connectors sold separately)
Castle Sensor Harness adapter
Coupon for free Castle Link USB adapter
Driver's Ed and Quick Start Guide
Castle Decals

Mamba Monster X Combo Purchase Includes:

Mamba Monster X ESC
Castle Creations Sensored Brushless Motor
Castle Sensor Harness adapter
Coupon for free Castle Link USB adapter
Driver's Ed and Quick Start Guide
Castle Decals

Technical Specs
Input Voltage Range:     MIN: 2S LiPo
MAX: 6S LiPo (25.2V)
BEC Specifications:     Adjustable: 5.5V, 6.0V, 7.5V. or 8.0V (8A Peak), default 5.5V
Operating Environment:     Waterproof* design allows for use in nearly any environment.
Brake:     Proportional
Reversible:     Yes, but may be disabled for racing.
On/Off Switch:     Yes
Cooling Fan:     Yes, factory equipped (30mm), fully removable** (see Product Use Statements below)
Size:     Length: 2.09" (53mm)
Width: 1.93" (49mm)
Height: 1.44" (36.4mm)
Weight (with no battery connector):     3.92 oz. (111.g)
Connectors:     6.5mm female bullets for motor connection.
Items Needed for Operation:     Battery Connector required, 6.5mm Castle Connectors are recommended.
Product Use Statements:    
*Although Mamba Monster X and Castle brushless motors are waterproof, they are not intended for operation while completely submerged in liquid. They can corrode   when exposed to corrosive materials, such as salt water. Always rinse the ESC and motor with clean water after exposure to corrosives or dirt. While the motor and controller may be waterproof, we suggest users confirm that the rest of their vehicle, including the batteries, servos, radio and chassis are also waterproof before exposing them to liquids of any kind.

**The cooling fan must be removed prior to driving in wet conditions. It is not waterproof.
Application Guidelines:     Intended for up to 6S (25.2 Volt) operation in vehicles weighing less than 15 lbs, with batteries, ready-to-run.
Recommended Motors:     Castle 1512 1800/2650Kv: Max Cells: 4S Lipo or 12 NiMH
Castle 1515 2200Kv: Max Cells: 6S Lipo or 16 NiMH
Max. Recommended Vehicle Weight:     Less than 15 lbs, with batteries, ready-to-run with 2200kv motor; no more than 9 lbs with 1800/2650kv motor
Programmability:     Fully programmable Castle feature set using Castle Link USB adapter (coupon for free Link included) and freely downloadable Castle Link Windows software, or the Castle Link iOS App and a B-LINK Bluetooth Adapter (sold separately).
Telemetry Link Capable:     Yes
Tech Notes:    

Mamba Monster X setups frequently hit 100+ amps in peaks and not all LiPos are created equal. Surge ratings should never be used to determine a pack's suitability for a brushless application. Recommended battery capacity for 1:8th scale vehicles is 5000mAh. We recommend using 30C continuous discharge or higher LiPo batteries (or high quality 25C batteries such as Traxxas® Power Cell).
Our experience  suggests using only mild gear ratios with NiMH cells. Do not attempt to use NiMH cells in extreme setups.
Applying voltages higher than 25.2V will cause irreparable damage to ESC.
We recommend a high-current connector designed for high-powered electric systems, rated for 70+ amps. Invest in connector sets made for high-powered electric systems such as our CCBULLET 6.5mm, Castle 6.5mm Polarized Connectors, Traxxas® Power Connectors, FlightPower Star™ Plug, or Deans® Ultra Plugs




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