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Team Corally CMM-8 Racing Controller 2-4S 240A BEC 6-7.4V 8A Sensored-Sensorless

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Team Corally CMM-8 Racing Controller 2-4S 240A BEC 6-7.4V 8A Sensored-Sensorless

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Introducing the CMM-8 Racing Controller - 2-4S: Unleash the Power

For top-level 1/8 racing, where speed and precision are everything, the CMM-8 Racing Controller - 2-4S is the key to unlocking your true potential on the track. Crafted with relentless attention to detail, this controller is designed to deliver unmatched performance when you need it most.

Pure Power, Uncompromising Performance
With up to 240A continuous current and a staggering 1100A burst current, the CMM-8 Racing Controller - 2-4S is built to provide the power and reliability required for elite-level racing. It's your path to victory, and it doesn't compromise.

32-Bit MCU for Precision Control
At its core, the CMM-8 features a high-performance 32-Bit Microcontroller Unit (MCU). This powerhouse provides superior processing capabilities, ensuring that your controller delivers accurate power output and lightning-fast response times.

Optimized Software for Dominant Racing
Our software design is honed to perfection, offering enhanced throttle response, exceptional acceleration, linearity, and driveability. With the CMM-8, every twist of the throttle translates into pure precision.

Sensored and Sensorless Versatility
The CMM-8 Racing Controller - 2-4S seamlessly accommodates both sensored and sensorless motors, allowing you to choose the power source that suits your style and strategy.

Revolutionary Remote Programming
Enjoy unparalleled convenience with direct remote programming through the custom Corally iOS and Android App. All the communication devices are seamlessly integrated, allowing you to fine-tune your controller settings effortlessly.

Customize Your Racing Experience
Multiple programmable parameters put you in control, letting you adjust your racing settings to perfection. Adapt to track conditions, driving styles, and competition with ease.

Real-Time Data at Your Fingertips
Stay ahead of the competition with real-time data logging. Monitor crucial parameters such as temperature, voltage, timing, motor RPM, and more. This invaluable data empowers you to make informed decisions and optimize your racing strategy.

Reliability Built to Last
Crafted with A-Grade components, the CMM-8 Racing Controller - 2-4S achieves super low Internal Resistance (IR) and delivers maximum performance consistently, propelling you to the front of the pack.

Built-In BEC for Ultimate Convenience
Experience convenience like never before with the super built-in BEC, offering up to 15A boost current and switchable voltage between 6.0V and 7.4V. Your power needs are met with ease.

Safety is Paramount
Multiple safety protections are integrated, including high voltage protection, low voltage cut-off protection, throttle signal loss protection, over-heat protection, and locked rotor protection. Your controller is designed to keep you safe and your equipment in top shape.

Compact and Efficient Design
The ultra-compact design of the CMM-8 ensures it won't hinder your racing experience. Its full aluminum case is not just for aesthetics—it's engineered for maximum heat dissipation, ensuring optimal performance.

Ready for Any Challenge
Racing doesn't always happen under ideal conditions. That's why the CMM-8 features a waterproof polymer-potted PCB and switch. Rain or shine, this controller is built to endure and excel.

The CMM-8 Racing Controller - 2-4S is your ultimate tool for domination on the track. Elevate your racing experience, gain the competitive edge, and make every race a victory with this exceptional racing controller. Step into the future of racing with Corally.

ESC - Application 1/8 Racing
ESC - Motor Type Sensored & Sensorless Brushless Motors
ESC - Motor Control Forward - Brake
ESC - Level Competition - High-End
ESC - Programming ESC - Firmware Update Supported
ESC - Telemetrie Aux. No
ESC - Data Logging Yes, Real Time Data - Max Values
ESC - Real-Time Data
ESC Status
Voltage (V)
Throttle Status
RPM (T/min)
Current (A)

ESC - Dimensions
ESC - Length (mm) 55
ESC - Width (mm)  42
ESC - Thickness (mm) 36
ESC - Wires (AWG) - Battery 10 AWG
ESC - Wires (AWG) - Motor   10 AWG
ESC - Connector - Battery   None
ESC - Weight (g) 117

ESC - Specs
ESC- Input Voltage Range (V) 2S - 4S Li-Po
ESC - Current - Cont. (A) 240
ESC - Current - Burst (A) 1100
ESC - BEC - Voltage (V) Select. 6.0V - 7.4V
ESC - BEC - Cont. (A) 8
ESC - BEC - Peak (A)  12
ESC - Protection Splashproof
ESC - Cooling Fan Yes, 30mm
ESC - Case Material Full Aluminium