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Hobbywing Xerun XR8 Plus G2S Brushless ESC 200A, 2-6s LiPo

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Hobbywing Xerun XR8 Plus G2S Brushless ESC 200A, 2-6s LiPo


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With the special ventilation design and the integrated frameless fan, the patented technology guarantees a quick transfer of the internal heat to the built-in radiator. This creates a high flow of air that is blown out via a copper heat sink on the sides of the controller.

The frameless fan can also score with the special and particularly resistant material from which it was made. This prevents damage from the smallest stones, sand or other foreign bodies.



The controller contains nearly 30 adjustable parameters including:

  • Throttle PWM Frequency,
  • Bremsfrequency,
  • Softening Value / Range and also
  • Boost / Turbo Timing

The mentioned ones in particular have already been used frequently with the proven XR10 Pro brushless controllers. So You can optimize the performance in that way that it fits Your driving style the most. Especially in competitive races, drivers will be happy with this new ESC.

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In addition to the many different parameters that can be set on the XR8 Plus G2S, you also have the option of setting one of up to 6 speed limits (RPM) to meet the needs and requirements of various competitions around the world. These include:

  • 80.000 RPM
  • 74.000 RPM
  • 68.000 RPM
  • 62.000 RPM
  • 56.000 RPM
  • 50.000 RPM
  • and of course unlimited

Either You use the new OTA Bluetooth programming module or the classic 3-in-1 LCD programming box.



The built-in switch mode BEC has a maximum output power of 15A and an adjustable voltage of 6V to 8.4V (easily adjustable in 0.1V steps) and thus enables the use of various standard servos and of course high-voltage servos. In addition, the ESC offers You a few other technical refinements, which we would be happy to inform You about in our shop!

The XR8 Plus G2S ESC is the next development of a 1/8 ESC series with 6 RPM limit profiles. An efficient system for heat regulation ensures less heat development than with other controllers, because thanks to the strong airflow on the sides of the fan and the copper heat sink inside, the XR8 is optimally protected. This is also urgently needed in some heat-up races.

Designed for the use with 2-6S LiPos batteries, the ultra-soft cable routing made of 11AWG cables, the specially designed solder tags and the elegant appearance are examples of the high-quality workmanship. In terms of functionality, the XR8 Plus G2S shines with an extended BEC of 6-8.4V in 0.1 steps, because a wide range of servos can be addressed. The capacitor also brings security and protection. And those who value performance measurement themselves definitely want to check out the corresponding smartphone app. If the XR8 ESC is linked to the Hobbywing application, the collected data can not only be evaluated, but also viewed in live-mode.


    5 selectable profiles for all 1/8 RC car races
        Zero-timing blinky mode
        1/8 offroad racing
        1/8 onroad racing
        1/8 GT Racing
        1/8 sport mode
    Up to 30 different parameters can be set
    Including 48° boost and turbo timing
    Variable frequency control of the PWM and braking frequencies
    Softening function for milder or wilder driving control and better driving efficiency
    Various protective functions against
        Polarity reversal
        Undervoltage shutdown
        Loss of signal
    Data logging of temperature, speed and much more
    Firmware upgrades possible

Technical Specifications:
Type:    Sensored/Sensorless Brushless Motor
Current (cont./peak):    200A / 1080A
Input Voltage:    2-6S LiPo
BEC:    6V - 8.4V
Strom (dauer/kurz): 6A/15A (Switch Mode)
Motor-Types:    4S LiPo: kV <3000 - 4268/4274 Motor
6S LiPo: kV <2400 - 4274 Motor
Fan:    Ja, betrieben über das BEC
Programming:    - LCD Programmierbox
- OTA Programmier-Modul
Size:    56.1x42.1x38.5mm
Weight:    122g (w/o cables)
Applications:    1/8 On-Road/Off-Road/Truggy Racing

Accessories (optional):

HW30502001 LCD Programming Box
HW30850400 OTA Programming Module