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Hobbywing Xerun XR10 Pro WP Brushless ESC 160A, 2s LiPo

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Hobbywing Xerun XR10 Pro WP Brushless ESC 160A, 2s LiPo

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The XR10 Pro WP is an ideal ESC for various 1/10 racing situations as well as for touring cars, and has been upgraded with a series of technological advancements to bring it up to the latest standards. This includes, for example, the intelligent fan, which only cools when it is truly necessary. This saves power and ensures that the controller always operates at the optimal temperature. Equipped with a 32-bit M4 microprocessor, the data processing performance is also greatly enhanced, allowing the ESC to not only respond faster but also perform more complex and accurate data calculations. And with the built-in switchable BEC, even servos that normally require higher voltages can be used.

The ESC is compatible with a variety of programming options, but You can get the most out of it with the OTA programming module and a smartphone. Because with this, thanks to real-time data recording, You have access to information about how throttle, voltage, temperatures, and RPM behaved during the last race, allowing You to identify potential issues and address them specifically on the next race. At the same time, the controller can be easily and quickly programmed via Bluetooth using your smartphone.
For example, enjoy the ride with the integrated softening function, which can be adjusted to Your desired driving feel depending on Your personal preferances. Even throttle response can be finely adjusted within a curve range of -10 to +10. And when things get wild, XR10 Pro WP users can benefit from maximized braking force of up to 150%.

Stay cool and have fun while also having full control.


9 selectable profiles for all 1/10 RC car races
Waterproof and dustproof according to IP-67 standard
Separate PRG/FAN port for the fan and programming
Variable frequency control of PWM and brake frequencies
Softening function for milder or wilder driving control and better driving efficiency
Data logging of temperature, RPM, and more
Firmware upgrades possible to always be up to date
Various protection functions against:
Reverse polarity
Low voltage cutoff
Signal loss

Technical Specifications:
Type:    Brushless, Sensored
Current (cont./peak):    160A / 1200A
Input Voltage:    2S Lipo
BEC:    5V - 7.4V @ 5A (Switch Mode)
Motor Types:    Brushless motors (sensored/sensorless)
Fan:    25 x 25 x 10mm, powered by BEC
Programming:    LCD Program Box G2,
LCD Program Box Pro,
OTA Program Module,
seperate programming port
Dimensions:    37.7 x 37.2 x 19.6mm
Weight:    95.6g (/w cable)
Applications:    1/10 Touring cars & Buggy Racing, Drift, F1, Rally

Accessories (optional):

HW30502001 LCD Program Box G2
HW30502002 LCD Program Box Pro
HW30850400 OTA Program Module