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RC4 Transponder

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RC4 Transponder

Disponible bajo pedido, normalmente entrega 2 a 3 dias laborables.

Our RC transponders help you to track lap times and give better insights in your performance.
You install the transponder in your RC car. If you race with multiple RC cars it’s convenient to install a transponder in every car. A transponder has a seven-digit number.


All your results in your personal profile.
RC4 transponders can be used for both indoor and outdoor racing and will perform on just about any surface.
Compatible with MYLAPS RC4 timing systems.

Operating voltage     3.0 - 16 VDC
Wire insulation     Aerospace/MIL-spec high-temp PTFE (Gasoline/Nitro resistant)
Max speed     120 km/h (75 mph)
Weight incl. holder     4.7 g
Humidity     Max. 90% relative
Temperature range     0 - 50 °C (32 - 122 °F)
Dimensions     16x19x6mm (0.7x0.8x 0.2 inch)
Signal transfer     Magnetic induction
Works with     RC4 Timing System only!
Quick change holder     Yes
Power     Feed from free receiver channel (ch3 or batt)
Compatible with     MYLAPS Speedhive app
Power consumption     14mA @ 6 VDC
Code resolution     1.5 ms