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SkyRC D250 AC/DC LiPo 1-6s 10A 250W Charger

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The SKYRC D250 charger is a microprocessor-controlled, twin-channel charging / discharging device with power supply function and can process all current types of batteries.  It also supports power distribution in AC mode to get maximum charging and power supply power. A voice guide in english helps through the menu.
All programs of this unit are monitored by a "two-way connection" and internal communication to ensure maximum security and minimize problems. All settings can be customized and predefined by the user.
The device can be operated with 100-240V AC and 11-18V DC and has an integrated power supply function to directly connect 13.8V DC (max. 150W) when operating over 100-240V AC.
With the built-in balancer and its size, the charger is therefore perfect for home and on the road.
The integrated balancer can handle up to 6S LiPo (Lithium-Polymer), LiIon (Lithium-Ion) or LiFe (Lithium-Ferrum) rechargeable batteries.
The D250 Charger can charge each channel 1-6 Li-Ion / LiPo / LiFe cells, 1-15 NiCd / NiMH cells or Pb 2-20V batteries with up to 10 Amp current.
An ultra compact Power-Distribution Board (SK600114-03), 2x XT60 charging cable, 2x charging cable with open ends, 2x XH adapter board as well as a 12V connection cable / power supply with Alligator clip connector are included.


  • Two separate charging channels
  • Built in power supply to supply 13,8V loads, e.g.. Pit-Lamps, when 100-240V AC operation.
  • Power supply function max. 150W (adjustable between 10-150W), power distribution between charging unit and power supply.
  • Ultra compact Power-Distribution-Board included
  • User-friendly and easy menu navigation.
  • Voice-Guide in English helps through the menu.
  • Integrated Balancer for up to 6 Cells LiPo and tolerance of +/-0,01V.
  • Micro-USB Port for firmware upgrade.
  • Charge- discharge- and Storage charge.
  • Display of single cell voltage / total voltage / capacity / temperature (with opt. sensor SK-600040-01) /charging time / and more.
  • Many different charging programs, including a special program to storage LiPo for longer time.
  • For various chemistry NiCd / NiMH / LiPo / LiFe / LiIon / PB.
  • Profile memory for up to 2x10 charging or discharging data.
  • Charge- discharge cycle program to charge- discharge NiMH / NiCd batteries up to 5x automatically.
  • Optional temperature sensor available (SK600040-01)

Technical Data:

  • Input Voltage DC: 11 - 18V
  • Input Voltage AC: 110-240V
  • Power supply Voltage 13,8V / Max. 150W, choose between 10-150W (only in AC mode), power distribution between charger unit and power supply unit.
  • Charge current: 2x 0.1-10.0A
  • Discharge current: 2x 0.1-2.0A
  • Max. charge power: channel 1: 50-120W, channel 2: 50-120W, Power supply: 10-150W, channel 1+2+power supply = 250W
  • Max. discharge power: 2x 10W
  • Max. Balancer-current: 300mA
  • Max. Balancer error: +/-0.01V
  • Number of cells (NiMH / NiCd): 1-15 cells
  • Number of cells (LiPo/LiIon/LiFe): 1-6 cells
  • Number of cells (Pb): 1-10 (2-20V)
  • Weight without cables: 1327g
  • Measurements: 184 x 146 x 70mm

Set contains:

    • 1x SKYRC D250 Charger

    • 1x Power-Distribution-Board

    • 1x Manual English/German

    • 1x Power cord

    • 1x DC cable with Alligator clip connector PB-car battery / Power supply / Power Supply function

    • 2x Balancer Adapter JST - EH

    • 2x XT60-connector charging cable

  • 2x Charging cable with open ends

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